We are excited to announce our collaboration with Parks Canada in this year's Salmon Surveys. Every fall salmon return to their natal stream to spawn in the gravel before dying, and the salmon life cycle begins again. To monitor the health of wild salmon populations and evaluate the effectiveness of restoration work completed on three local watersheds (Coho Creek, Lost Shoe Creek and Sandhill Creek), spawner surveys are conducted annually in the fall.  These spawner surveys aim to chronicle changes and trends in salmon populations, and over time evaluate and direct restoration efforts.

Surveys are volunteer dependent. Join CWFS for our 2016 Salmon Surveys, and see wild Pacific salmon spawning in their natural habitat! 

To find out more information, and get involved click here

Please read our spawner survey reports for more information:

In November 2015; two surveys took place in unfortunately no fish were sighted in the creek on any of the survey dates. There was one very decayed coho sighted where the lagoon meets with the ocean; however, due to the level of decay it was not possible to tell whether this coho was spawned out or not, and whether it was male or female. It is thought that these surveys were conducted too late in the season and we did not capture all the spawners.

Coho Creek Spawner Surveys - 2014

Lost Shoe Creek Spawner Surveys - 2014

Sandhill Creek Spawner Surveys - 2014