Dolly Varden,  Salvelinus malma

The Dolly Varden is a very important species that lives within our local watersheds; they rely on small tributaries with lots of large woody debris cover and undercut banks for shade and protection. If you'd like to learn more about the Dolly Varden, check out our article DollyVarden.pdf for more information. 


Great Blue Heron, Ardea herodias

The Great Blue Heron is an integral part of watershed ecosystems; they rely on healthy watersheds for feeding, resting, nesting and bringing up their young. Interested in learning about this amazing species? Check out our article Great Blue Heron.pdf for more information.


North American Cougar, Puma concolor couguar

The North American Cougar is one of the largest predators on Vanvouver island. Cougars bring balance to our ecosystems and need on helthy waterhsheds to provide food and shelter vital to their survival. for more information please check out this article Cougars.pdf