Central Westcoast Forest Society is set to launch a new film in June 2015! The film is entitled Bringing Back the Light and speaks to the methods, the practices and the importance of forest habitat restoration in British Columbia.

Wyatt Visuals and Burke Electric Media beautifully illustrate the work Central Westcoast Forest Society does and value wildlife habitat restoration. Funding for this film was provided by the Sitka Foundation.

Watch the film here!

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In 2013 Central Westcoast Forest Society worked with Uu-a-thluk and Ahousaht Fisheries to begin the restoration of the Atleo River near Ahousaht, BC. Wyatt Visuals and Burke Electric Media (Drew Burke of Language Tofino) joined us to film the crew as they spent a typical day in the bush. The film gives an insightful look at what restoration means to people that depend on salmon. We hope you enjoy it!

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Read more about the Atleo River Restoration Project here.

Funding for the project is provided by the Ahousaht-Mainstream Salmon Enhancement Subcommittee and the Training and Education Committee as administered by Mainstream Canada. Mainstream Canada and the Ahousaht Nation have a Protocol Agreement in place that provides funding towards salmon stream restoration within the Ahousaht Ha-houlthee. This program is managed through the Ahousaht Fish Farm, and specifically the Salmon Enhancement Subcommittee.

Watch the films that Central Westcoast Forest Society has created to find out more about the work we do in the region and to learn about the importance of restoration. Help increase awareness about the importance of stream and forest restoration by sharing the CWFS films with others in your network, visit the CWFS Vimeo page here.

Central Westcoast Forest Society is excited to announce the release of a beautiful and insightful film that highlights stream ecology and the restoration work we are involved in on the west coast of Vancouver Island. We hope that you will help us by sharing the link with your network on Facebook, Twitter, or on your website or blog.

This film was written and produced by Drew Burke of Burke Electric Media (drewburke@hotmail.com) and filmed and edited by Mark Wyatt of Wyatt Visuals. Partial funding support for this film was provided by the District of Tofino.