Central Westcoast Forest Society (CWFS) uses an ecosystem-based management approach that recognizes the connection between ecosystems and the well-being of people. This method ensures that essential natural services and the systems supporting them are correctly valued, protected, and managed for the future by integrating the needs of society with scientific knowledge of ecological relationships.

Adaptive management is an integral process to every restoration project carried out by CWFS. Learning from monitoring and research leads to improved management, conservation, and restoration efforts. Continued learning and adaptation helps the society and biologists improve restoration practices and techniques over time.

Central Westcoast Forest Society is involved in numerous long-term research and monitoring projects, which range from physical and biological evaluations of restoration practices to fish surveys, and monitoring of forest structure and invasive species. CWFS promotes dialogue with other agencies to encourage sustainable management practices and to ensure consistent improvement.

By building relationships with community members and implementing local outreach activities, the society raises awareness and promotes stewardship. Education is a critical component to restoration. Community outreach programs include restoration tours and interpretive walks, educational workshops, media and press releases, curriculum development, fundraisers, and support for sustainable community initiatives and other non-profits.

Since the organization began in 1995, CWFS has completed 84 km of stream habitat restoration, 99 ha of forest restoration, placed 548 m3 of clean spawning gravel, deactivated 249 km of high risk logging roads, planted 44,343 trees and has raised and invested over 11 million dollars in habitat restoration on Vancouver Island. Unfortunately, many high priority streams and forest ecosystems remain unrestored, leaving them unable to support healthy wildlife and salmon populations.

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