The objective for any CWFS restoration project is to accelerate the natural recovery of damaged ecosystems; addressing the root causes responsible for the immediate loss of habitat quantity and quality; and restoring the ecosystem processes that create and maintain habitats through time. Restoration is not intended to return a system to a pre-altered state or fixed condition but to help restore the structure, function, and ecological processes of a system (Kohm and Franklin, 1997). The tools and techniques behind ecosystem restoration are used to improve the biodiversity of degraded areas, increase the abundance and distribution of rare and threatened species, restore landscape connectivity, increase the quantity of environmental goods and services, and contribute to the improvement of human well-being (Society of Ecological Restoration International and IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management, 2004).

Central Westcoast Forest Society hires crews that are representative of the local regional population, from having elected officials from local communities on its board, CWFS strives to put local stewardship into a global context.

Please feel free to contact us should you be interested in any volunteer or job opportunities.