Conference Creek Watershed Restoration Project

Conference Creeks are a series of creeks that flow off the ridge between Mt. Dawley and Salmonberry Mt. and into Kennedy Lake. Historic logging and road construction practices have negatively impacted fish and fish habitat in these creeks.


Conference Creeks historically supported healthy coho salmon and blue-listed coastal cutthroat trout populations. Surface and subsurface flows into Kennedy Lake from the Conference Creek drainages maintained valuable shore spawning habitat for sockeye salmon. Fish bearing habitat for these creeks is located on the benched area adjacent to Kennedy Lake and is bisected by Highway 4 and an old logging road, East Main. Channels, which once had productive aquatic ecosystems, are no longer accessible due to hung or collapsed culverts. Creeks have been rerouted, dewatered and replaced with featureless ditches. In other cases, channels have become the recipient of an increase in flow, overwhelming the channel and leading to an unstable braided channel with little of the remaining historic depth and cover.