Centennial Creek

The goal of the Centennial Creek Restoration Project is to restore the ecological integrity of this watershed.

Centennial Creek is located on the West coast of Vancouver Island, in the southwest portion of Clayoquot Sound within the District of Tofino. The creek flows in a generally Northwest direction directly through the town of Tofino. Centennial Creek was once a productive, fish bearing creek that supported wild salmonid populations including cutthroat trout and coho salmon. This once productive creek is now degraded due to urban development. 

This creek historically supported healthy cutthroat trout and coho populations and was a popular recreational fishing stream in the heart of Tofino. Unfortunately, cutthroat trout populations have drastically declined in recent years and the stream has almost altogether been abandoned by anglers. Minnow trapping from 2008-2014 confirmed a steady decline in fish populations, with no fish caught in 2015 assessments. 

Restoration on Centennial Creek included removal of red alder within 0.75 ha of the riparian zone. A rain garden was constructed to help filter pollutants from the nearby road. Furthermore, 190 conifers were planted and 330 natives shrubs and herbs. During this restoration 7 jobs were created for locals and First Nations individuals, as well as local contractors.