Contract Services

CWFS provides a variety of services related to environmental management. Our organisation has been delivering quality services with a high degree of social and environmental responsibility since 1995. From hands-on biological assessments to environmental monitoring for construction to project design and management, our team can deliver high value products – and solutions – for a wide range of environmental projects. As a non-profit organization we offer competitive rates and all proceeds from services provided are re-invested in habitat restoration projects on Vancouver island


Available Services:

  • Environmental Monitoring for Construction

  • Sediment and Erosion control planning

  • Water Quality monitoring

  • Riparian Areas Regulation (RAR) Assessments

  • Pre-clearing bird nest surveys

  • Site reclamation planning

  • Wildlife habitat assessments

  • Fisheries Habitat Assessments

  • Habitat Restoration Project development and Design

  • Project management

  • First Nation liaison

  • Snorkel/Dive Surveys

  • Land surveying

  • UAV mapping

  • GIS and mapping

  • Environmental risk assessments

For Inquiries please email: or call 1(250)726-2424

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